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We tell authentic stories that engage and inspire

The best stories are the ones that inspire us. They spark new ideas, stir our emotions and motivate us to act.

Storymind Productions specializes in character-driven, documentary-style videos for nonprofits, campaigns, public agencies and community-minded businesses. From initial concept to final polish, storytelling is our strength.

How We Work

Telling stories effectively requires a well-honed process. Here's ours:


We work with our clients to determine goals, audiences and key messages. Together we choose characters, a tone and a style, and decide how to tell the story in the most creative, authentic and memorable way.


We interview our selected characters in a location and style that’s in step with our storyline. Then we capture scenes and footage that will engage viewers and support the narrative visually.


We assemble the footage into a compelling story, adding music and motion graphics. Our client provides reviews and feedback as the story comes to life.


Our client receives a polished video that perfectly captures their story — one they can’t wait to share!

What We've Done

A sampling of our work

What clients say

  • Dan has a beautiful talent for telling a story, a gift of being able to see the complete picture and give it life. He really captured who we are and what we are about.

    - Cherie Siegmund, Cedarglen Floral Company -
  • Dan was a pleasure to work with. He was a patient listener and observer, and skillfully wove a visual narrative about our project that was authentic, human, and rung true visually and tonally throughout.

    - Seth Belber, Agriculture Project Manager, Mercy Corps Northwest -

  • Dan is fabulous to work with. He combines creativity with organization, is very responsive to directorial guidance and is absolutely reliable.

    - Jan Haaken, Documentary Filmmaker -

  • Dan definitely captured the essence of our brand, the reverence we feel toward our craft. His filming style was unobtrusive; he made it easy to be on camera.

    - Peter Murdoch, Vice President, Katayama Framing -
  • Dan brings strategic thinking, diligence and substantial storytelling chops to every project. He is passionate about telling the best story, in the best way, to the right people.

    - Jennifer Dillan, Creative Director, Mercy Corps -


Who We Are

Dan Sadowsky, Storyteller

I tell stories to entertain, inform, engage, motivate — but mostly to inspire.

I’m drawn to people who inspire me with their creativity, their courage, or their commitment to a cause. The woodworker who builds furniture from reclaimed lumber. The refugee who helps others find their footing in a new land. The binational couple who fights for immigration reform at the risk of losing their life together.

Over the last two decades, I’ve practiced the craft of narrative storytelling for a variety of media. I’ve written for newspapers, magazines and organizations, led interactive content projects as web team leader at Mercy Corps and produced multimedia stories for OPB. Since 2013, I’ve combined my ear for story and eye for visuals into work as a video producer and editor.

In both producer and editor roles, it’s my job to help others realize their vision. I enjoy taking projects from scripting and story development to final polish and delivery, or starting anywhere in between. My editing credits include 50 Feet From Syria, shortlisted for the 2016 Academy Award for Best Short Documentary.

I’d love to know what stories you want to tell, and figure out how Storymind Productions can help.

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